Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City Council Meeting Video on Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Consultants presented the Community Wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report to the City Council at its August 11th meeting. You can view the video this Link, with the presentation starting at time marker 15:06 and Council discussion starting at 29:30. The plan for the preparation of the Climate Action Plan was also discussed.

Some interesting aspects of the Inventory Report were noted:
- Methane emissions from the treatment plant where our sewage goes are not included;
- Methane emissions from the dump where our garbage goes are not included;
- The electricity generation sources assumed in these calculations are PG&E's California electricity sources, but do not include the CO2 generated by carbon-intensive out-of-state electricity purchased when California-generated electricity is insufficient in peak demand periods;
- Many of the numbers represented in the report are estimates.

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