Monday, June 29, 2009

Planning Commission & City Council to Consider Climate Action Plan, General Plan

The draft San Carlos Climate Action Plan, draft General Plan, and Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the General Plan and Climate Action Plans will be discussed by the Planning Commission in study sessions Monday, July 6th and Monday, July 20th, starting at 7 pm in the Council Chambers in City Hall. The purpose of the study sessions is to familiarize the Planning Commission with the materials prior to public hearings on the plans. The July 6th study session will cover the Climate Action Plan, Housing Element, Parks and Recreation Element, and Safety and Community Services Element. The July 20th study session will cover the Land Use Element and Environmental Management Element. The public is welcome to attend. Additional information and copies of each of the documents can be found here.

The July 20th Planning Commission meeting also incorporates a public hearing on the draft environmental impact report (DEIR). You are encouraged to present your comments on the DEIR at the hearing or submit your comments in writing no later than August 10 to Al Savay, Community Development Director, Community Development Department, City of San Carlos, 600 Elm Street, San Carlos, CA 94070,

Following the Planning Commission study session and hearing on the DEIR, the City Council is scheduled to hold a study session on the documents on August 10th. This will be followed by 4 public hearings, at which you are encouraged to present your opinions about the draft General Plan Update and the draft Climate Action Plan:
Sept 7, Planning Commission Public Hearing 1
Sept 21, Planning Commission Public Hearing 2
Oct 12, City Council Public Hearing 1
Oct 26, City Council Public Hearing 2 & proposed date for adoption of CAP and updated General Plan.

As the General Plan and Climate Action Plan are intended to serve as the blueprints for operations of the City of the course of many years, we encourage you to review the sections of greatest interest to you and let the Planning Commission and City Council know your opinions about the direction the City is taking.