Thursday, August 14, 2008

Agenda & Background Materials for 8/19 CAP Meeting

The Climate Action Plan subcommittee of the General Plan Advisory Committee is meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 19th from 11-1 at City Hall to set a greenhouse gas reduction goal and strategic policy focus. You are invited to attend the meeting and provide your input.

Here is the New Business section of the agenda, including links to background materials:

a) Review of the Agenda

b) Dissemination of background information

Alameda Climate Action Plan – found at the following link:

Climate Action Handbook: <>

US Mayors for Climate Protection Best Practices:

A study on the challenges of community based social marketing for climate change:

c) Overview of Baseline Report
August 11, 2008 Report to the City Council – found at the following links:

d) Develop Climate Action Plan (CAP) Target Reduction Goal and Strategic Policy Focus

e) Review of Next Steps

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