Friday, August 6, 2010

Monday 8/9, Tell San Carlos You Want a Strong Green Building Program

If you want the City to have a comprehensive green building program, now is the time to let the City Council know. Despite strong public support for a robust green building program, green building programs in other nearby municipalities, and a Climate Action Plan that says the City is to implement a green building program, the City staff has proposed a "green" building ordinance that would only require increased building energy efficiency, but would not address water conservation, resource conservation, appliance efficiency, indoor air quality, or the other issues that are routinely incorporated into a comprehensive green building ordinance.

We encourage you to speak up at the City Council hearing on the proposed ordinance, which starts at 7 pm on Monday evening. If you are not available to speak in person, you can send your written comments to the City Clerk in advance: You can also send comments directly to individual city council members:,,,,

Not sure what to write? You can cut and paste from the San Carlos Green/Cool Cities comments. The draft ordinance and staff report are available here.

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